Basic Info

Be based on androidmanifest, we get Activities, intentsPriority, receivers, packageName, actions, version, validity, keyIdentifier, services, _id, md5, issuer.

Flow Analysis

Dex file analysis produces all application's classes and methods. User can navigate through the source code established by its work flows. Path from one entry point to a specific method can be highlighted and displayed to the user. This helps the user determines applications that have sub DEX loading capability easier.

Dynamic Analysis

Our platform analyzes application at runtime. Each application is delivered to a dedicated sandbox to be analyzed at ease. Web-based UI allows user to interact directly with the analyzed application or run it automatically for a period of time. Logging data at java and native level are collected throughout the process.

Code Feature

Code Features provide the insights of an application. Sensitive operations in static code of an APK file will be scanned through and collected. Suggestions will also be proposed to enhance the application's security.

Malware Analyzed by VIRUS TOTAL

Total overview, which serves at the gateway to a variety of Antivirus vendors. Users may compare the results between different security products to have a better view of the analyzed application.

Screen Shot

Captured images of the Application when it is running.